10 Free Online Games to Teach 4th Grade Math Skills

A screenshot of a title screen for the game Area Adventure.

Sparking a love for learning takes time—and a great activity to kickstart it! If you’ve been searching for 4th grade math games and activities that are truly engaging for kids, you’re in luck. We have plenty to share!

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards. All of the games listed below are tailored to your state standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!


1. Basketball Shootout

Make as many baskets as you can! Compare the scores at the end of each round.

Standard Alignment: Multiplicative Comparisons

A large play button superimposed over an animated basketball court with the title "Basketball Shootout."


2. Creepy Creatures Science Lab

Yikes! There’s been a radioactive spill in the science lab, and now there are mutant creatures running amuck! Help Doctor Z figure out which creatures got out by comparing them.

Standard Alignment: Multiplicative Comparisons

The title screen of a game featuring a dark science lab and a large play button.


3. Flying Through Factors

Pilot Pearl loves finding factors of numbers! Help her find as many factors as possible while flying through the sky.

Standard Alignment: Factors and Multiples

Title screen of a game featuring a kid in a prop airplane and a play button on a cloud.


4. Cheetah Chaser

Chance the Cheetah loves prime and composite numbers. Help Chance solve as many problems as possible by running and jumping over the numbers!

Standard Alignment: Prime and Composite Numbers

Title screen of a game with a savannah background and a cheetah-print play button.


5. Unicorn Knows Number Values

Freedom the Unicorn has lost all of her colors! She needs to collect magic mushrooms to get them back. Can you answer the math problems to help?

Standard Alignment: Place Value and Division

Title screen of a game featuring a unicorn in a forest setting and a yellow play button.


6. Roll and Score

Welcome to the eSpark arcade! Get as many points as you can by rolling the balls. Then, solve the problem to figure out your score.

Standard Alignment: Write and Compare Large Numbers

Title screen of a game with an arcade backround and a play button.


7. Monster Battle

Run through the jungle and collect coins to buy power ups for battle! Then, solve the math problems correctly to win against your opponents.

Standard Alignment: Write and Compare Large Numbers

Title screen of a game featuring an arena setting and a play button.


8. Area Adventure

Your help is needed to discover long forgotten artifacts. Find the area and perimeter of the dig site to help uncover the items.

Standard Alignment: Area and Perimeter

Game title screen featuring an archaeology dig and a play button.


9. Fashion Math

Enter your pet model into a fashion show! Use paw coins to buy clothes and accessories for your pet to wear in the fashion show. Earn more paw coins by correctly solving math problems.

Standard Alignment: Measuring Angles

Game title screen featuring four furry characters and a large play button.


10. Alien Invasion

Aliens from the planet Z have invaded Earth! Humanity needs your help, as a member of the Elite Alien Roundup Squad, to find all of the hiding aliens. Solve the equivalent fraction problems to get to the aliens.

Standard Alignment: Explain Equivalent Fractions

Game title screen featuring the front of a building, a floating UFO, and a play button in the foreground.


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