Your First Day with eSpark

Learn how to roster your students, introduce eSpark to your class, and prepare for a successful implementation.

Present eSpark to Others

Use this presentation to pitch eSpark to your team and help your colleagues get their students up and running.

Student & Teacher Freebies

Posters, certificates, coloring sheets, and more. Showcase eSpark in your classroom with these printables!

New this year

eSpark Writing

Help your students grow as writers without diverting instructional time or resources. eSpark’s AI-powered writing tutor walks students through every step of the writing process. Students choose what they want to write about from their Choice Texts library for maximum motivation and engagement.

New this year

Choice Texts

Have you heard about Choice Texts? This new, AI-powered reading activity is capturing the minds of even the most reluctant readers by introducing an unprecedented level of choice and personalization to reading practice.

New this year

Choice Math

Let’s face it: traditional math practice is boring. With Choice Math, students enjoy instruction and practice tailored to their unique interests. Students are far more likely to focus on the content when they get to choose the theme of their lesson.

Screenshot of the Choice Math title screen.

eSpark In Your Classroom

Many teachers use eSpark for a half hour 2 to 3 times a week, but each classroom is unique! Hear from fellow educators about their approach to implementation and see why eSpark is one of the most beloved teacher resources in elementary schools everywhere.

Read 5 Tips from Real eSpark Teachers:

3 Ways to use eSpark in your classroom

Centers or Stations

eSpark is perfect for using in centers or with your small groups.

Split Class Model

This approach divides a class in half and rotates between eSpark and working on another activity.

Whole Class Model

Teachers with enough devices can opt to use eSpark together as a whole class.

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I love how easy eSpark makes it for me to differentiate learning for my students every day. It makes learning fun, engaging and challenging for them all.


1st Grade Teacher in New Jersey

Teacher FAQs

What is eSpark?

eSpark is a supplemental curriculum resource for math, reading, and writing instruction and practice in grades PK-8. The program’s unique, approach based on student-centered personalization delivers engagement you can feel and results you can see. 
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Is there a free trial?

Yes! Sign up to begin using eSpark for free today.
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What’s the difference between eSpark Lite and eSpark Premium?

eSpark Premium includes unlimited Small Group Skills lessons, Choice Texts and Choice Math, Writing, full access to our progress and activity monitoring, lesson recommendations and alerts for remediation and intervention, and many other features proven to save teachers time and support stronger student growth.
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How can I get eSpark Premium for my school?

Premium memberships are available at the partial school, whole school, and district levels. Click the link below for the next steps you can take to advocate for the program and get the ball rolling.
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What devices does eSpark work on?

eSpark works on most classroom devices with an internet connection and web browser, including iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops.
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How can I use eSpark to support my students?

With eSpark, you can:

  • Empower students to learn independently at their own pace on a personalized, adaptive pathway
  • Assign leveled small group lessons to easily target specific standards and skills
  • Provide opportunities for enrichment, intervention, and acceleration based on need

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Which state standards does eSpark support?

eSpark is fully aligned with both Common Core and non-Common Core state standards throughout the country, including TEKS, VA SOL, FL B.E.S.T., and many, many more.
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