With eSpark’s AI-Powered Choice Texts, students can take unprecedented control of their reading practice. With activities for all covered standards in the K-5 Reading Literature and Reading Informational domains, Choice Texts is a safe, secure, and fun way to introduce generative AI and playful personalization into your classroom.

An eagle in a baseball uniform representing a Choice Texts story.

Home Run Hero

Malachi, 4th grade

A parrot in a spacesuit representing a Choice Texts story.

Joe’s Journey to Mars

Rachel, 2nd grade

A girl in a lab coat looking at a shimmering leaf with Dallas in the background, representing a Choice Texts story.

Kira’s Big Discovery

Kira, 4th grade

Carlos’ Culinary Creations

1st grader from

Jeremy’s Jungle Journey

4th grader from
New York

Michael’s Secret Recipe

3rd grader from