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Carlos was a special T-Rex. He loved to cook in his kitchen. Even though his arms were short, he used his creativity to make amazing dishes.

Carlos was always busy in his kitchen, making food that no other dinosaurs had ever thought of. His friends wondered how he cooked with short arms, but Carlos just smiled. He knew that his creativity was his secret ingredient.

One day, a famous dinosaur chef named Gordon challenged Carlos to a cooking contest. The news spread quickly and all the dinosaurs were excited to see what would happen.

The day of the contest arrived. Carlos was nervous, but he stayed calm. He looked at his kitchen and felt comfortable. This was his place.

Gordon was known for being angry and mean. He was tall with long arms that were perfect for cooking. But Carlos wasn’t scared. He knew that being creative was more important than physical traits.

The contest began. Gordon was fast, chopping and stirring with his long arms. Carlos worked at his own pace, using his short arms with precision.

Carlos decided to make his famous berry pie. He picked the best berries, kneaded the dough with his feet, and filled the pie with sweet and sour berries. His friends watched and couldn’t wait to taste it.

Gordon finished first, showing off a huge cake. It was impressive, but not very original. Everyone turned to Carlos, who was just taking his pie out of the oven.

The judges tasted both dishes. Gordon’s cake was good, but too sweet. Carlos’ pie was a hit. The crust was perfect and the berries were delicious.

The judges announced Carlos as the winner. The crowd cheered loudly. Carlos was so happy. He had shown that creativity and passion were more important than physical traits.

From that day on, Carlos was known as the most creative chef in the dinosaur world. His kitchen was his castle, and his creativity was his crown. And even though he was a T-Rex with short arms, he was the king of cooking.

The end

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