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Artificial intelligence is finally mainstream, and it will change our world (for better or worse) in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. How can you equip your students with the knowledge, experience, and skillset to handle and harness this technology? Explore these resources to learn how to talk about, evaluate, and use AI effectively.

AI in Education: The Basics

A bright, futuristic image showing many small human models, with one excluded from the groups.


The Bias Dilemma

AI is biased. But what does that mean for our classrooms, and what can educators do about it? 


Privacy and Security

Just when you thought you had this data privacy thing down, along comes a new technology to change the game.

A futuristic image showing a security padlock icon against a circuit board backdrop.
A surreal image showing a human profile surrounded by swirling colors and lines.



AI doesn’t always get things right. Learn how to spot misinformation and how to keep it from getting in the way of learning.


Humans in the Loop

Will AI’s influence come at the expense of personal connection? Here’s what the Department of Education’s Office of EdTech says about always centering educators.

An image showing students and teachers in a classroom setting against a backdrop of AI and human icons.

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