Feature Spotlight: Framing Videos

Screenshot from an eSpark Framing Video showing animated characters solving a problem on a chalkboard.

How eSpark Aligns with the Principle of Explicit Instruction

Explicit instruction removes ambiguity from the learning process and gives students a clear understanding of what they are to do and learn in the lesson that follows. It’s one way to remove guesswork from the equation while providing a consistent experience for all students.

The phrase “explicit instruction” was used 20 times in the National Reading Panel’s Report to Congress more than two decades ago, and it has since become a central component of most modern instructional frameworks. Colorado Reading First outlined the following explicit instruction routine made up of eight parts (from the CDE website):

  1. Set Purpose
  2. State Objective
  3. Connect to and Review Previous Learning
  4. Teach New Concept / Skill
  5. Guide Practice
  6. Assess Student Application
  7. Return to Purpose
  8. Provide Opportunity for Independent Practice

eSpark covers the early stages with our Framing Videos, the first instructional step in every Quest. With these videos, students are given a blueprint to learning through a clear, direct, and highly visible approach.


Watch the video


How does it work?

As soon as a student completes their Pre-Quiz (assuming they don’t pass out of the Quest), they are sent to the Quest’s Framing Video, in which they are:

  • Given clear information on what they will be learning in the Quest and why it matters
    • ✅ Set Purpose and State Objective
  • Introduced to the new concept with direct modeling
    • ✅ Teach New Concept / Skill
  • Invited to walk through an example with the on-screen “teacher”
    • ✅ Guide Practice

Animated girl talking to animated boy about Who, What, and Where

A clip from the Framing Video for our 1st grade Story Elements Quest


Why does it matter?

Your students’ individual or small group instruction time shouldn’t be a completely different experience than what they get with their teacher(s). eSpark’s Framing Videos are scripted and created by the former teachers and coaches who make up our Learning Design team. You can rest assured that students will be receiving instruction through a structured, consistent, and evidence-based approach every time they log in. It’s just one more example of how eSpark is aligned to the science of how we learn.


For more information on how eSpark can support clarity and purpose in your learning environment, contact us here.


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