10 Free 1st Grade Math Games to Teach Foundational Skills

Screenshot of the title screen from Fishing for Numbers, one of eSpark's 1st grade math games.

The math foundational skills taught in first grade are crucial in developing a level of understanding students can build upon throughout the rest of their educational journey. Try out these 1st grade math games with your students for free!

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards, all while fostering a love of learning! All of the games listed below are tailored to your state standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. 


1. Extreme Number Bonds

Complete the number bond equations by filling the empty circles with the correct number!

Game title screen with instructions about filling in the circles and a start button.


2. Bugs’ Block Party

Help Boss get to Bugs’ block party! Listen to each clue them tap the correct number to travel along the fence to the party.

Game title screen featuring two cats, a fence, and a large play button.


3. Fishing for Numbers

Frank the Fisherman is trying to catch as many fish as he can. Help him by catching the fish with the number that’s missing from the equation.

Game title screen featuring an old fisherman, a large fish, and a play button.


4. Ant Addition

Help Marianne and Minty bring food home to their family by correctly answering the addition problem.

Game title screen featuring ants in a backyard and a play button.


5. Monroe’s Moon Math

Monroe is stuck and needs your help to get home to Mars! He needs eight rocks to fuel his space ship and get home—collect them by correctly answering the addition problem.

Game title screen featuring a goofy alien and a play button.


6. Ziggy to the Rescue

Help Ziggy get the duckling back to its mother by following the path and solving problems to conquer obstacles.

Game title screen featuring a dog facing a creek and a large play button.


7. Rainbow Time

The rainbow lost all of its colors! Help fill in the colors of the rainbow by telling time.

Game title screen featuring kids standing on a cloud and a large, multi-colored play button.


8. Animal Counting

Count how many animals there are and choose the correct tally amount to represent the number!

Game title screen featuring tally marks on a blue background and a large play button.


9. Priscilla’s Shape Bakery

Help Priscilla decorate cakes in her bakery with the correct shape designs.

Game title screen featuring a hedgehog in front of a bakery and a large play button.


10. Flamingo Number Run

Flippy the Flamingo loves numbers! Help her collect the right numbers for her special occasion by grabbing the numbers that make the comparisons true.

Game title screen featuring a wetlands background and a large play button.


Looking for more free online math games for 1st grade? eSpark offers thousands of student-approved, no-prep activities for K-5 classrooms. Check them out here or sign up today to start assigning lessons and monitoring your students’ progress in a unique, playfully personalized learning environment.

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