10 Free 2nd Grade Math Games to Teach Foundational Skills

Screenshot of the title screen from Dino Diner, one of eSpark's 2nd grade math games.

The math foundational skills taught in second grade are crucial in developing a level of understanding students can build upon throughout the rest of their educational journey. Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging 2nd grade math games you can use to help your students master key standards, all while fostering a love of learning! 

All of the games listed below are tailored to state standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!


1. Roll and Score: Adding Edition

Take a trip to the eSpark arcade! Roll the ball to see how many points you can score, then add in your bonus points for a high score.

Game title screen with an arcade background and a play button.


2. Finding Fossils

Assist Archie the Archaeologist in uncovering fossils by correctly answering geometry questions.

Game title screen featuring an archaelogical dig site and a play button.


3. Fly Catcher

Felix is hungry! Help him catch flies (and avoid the bees) then help him figure out how many he caught in his array by selecting the correct equation.

Game title screen featuring a frog on a lily pad and a yellow play button.


4. Pirate Treasure Number Sort

Help Pelican and Parrot sort through their treasure by figuring out if the number on the coin is even or odd.

Game title screen featuring two birds in barrels on a pirate ship and a play button.


5. Fashion Math

Get ready to strut your stuff! Select your pet model to enter in a fashion show, then buy clothes and accessories for your pet with exclusive Paw Coins. Earn more Paw Coins by solving math problems!

Game title screen featuring sharply dressed animals and a blue play button.

  • Standard Alignment: Odds and evens

6. Dinocorn Number Run

Help Dinocorn reach the rainbow by choosing the right numbers so he can jump over obstacles on his way.

Game title screen featuring a dinosaur/unicorn hybrid and an orange play button.

  • Standard Alignment: Skip counting by hundreds

7. Flamingo Number Run

Flippy Flamingo wants to collect numbers for a special occasion, and she needs your help to gather them! Collect all of the numbers that make the comparisons true.

Game title screen featuring a wetlands background and a pink play button.


8. Kitten Castle

The kittens need your help getting into the party! Add and subtract two-digit numbers to help them get inside.

Game title screen featuring two cat statues and a play button.


9. Dino Diner

Reno the Triceratops needs to figure out when the customer orders will be ready. Can you help?

Game title screen featuring a triceratops behind a diner counter.


10. Cats in Hats

Step right up! Quickly dress the cats in their hats as they pop up. But first, you’ll have to pay with the right coins to play.

Game title screen featuring a cat at a carnival attraction and a green play button.

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